I’m Probably Never Going to Find the Perfect Cup of Coffee, and Other Random Thoughts


(image creds to Joel Deitch, photographer)

1. I kind of hate having a lot of down-time.

I learned this recently. I’ve always had a tendency to overschedule myself—it very nearly led to my complete academic downfall last semester. So, you’d think that I would enjoy a chance to relax.

I’m also an introvert; you’d think that I would appreciate a chance to lay low and not really deal with the outside world. Apparently not.

That’s not to say that I don’t love a good sleep-in day. Or that I don’t enjoy some good time to myself. But apparently, I get restless. And bored. Easily.

Two days into my summer break, I had already started scheduling myself for the next two weeks. And reading. And writing. It seems that I don’t mind occupying my time with low-key, fun projects, but there has to be a project. I hate doing nothing. I don’t think I quite realized how much until this summer.

2. Traveling on foot is actually quite enjoyable.

There is a passage from a book called the Looking Glass Wars, by Frank Beddor, in which the main character states her preference for walking, instead of riding in carriages, because there is so much that is easy to miss if you’re moving past it too fast. I’ve been realizing the truth of this more often lately, partially because I’ve been walking places more, and partially because I’ve been adding more mileage to my runs, when I go out for a jog (I’m up to about 7 miles per run, these days).

When you’re in a car, you miss the odd graffiti that appears on the sidewalks and then is gone the next day.

You miss the overflowing flower gardens in their last few weeks of spring glory.

You miss the couples walking along, fingers intertwined so loosely and naturally that you’d never guess, if you weren’t walking along at the same pace.

3. Taking the plunge and joining a social media site feels weird.

So, I finally did it. I joined Reddit. And yes, my soul is still intact.

I joined it for the purpose of participating in a few of the AMAs (Ask-Me-Anythings) that several of my favorite authors are doing this month. But here’s the thing: I’ve spent the past four, maybe even five, years rolling my eyes at all of my friends who use Reddit (and they’re probably looking at this post and laughing at me, and I don’t even want to think about the grief they’re going to give me later). Yet now, I have joined it. And it feels… weird. I’m not used to the interface yet. I don’t really know my way around it, the way I do Facebook and WordPress and Goodreads.

I went through this about a year ago, with Tumblr. But I never actually got used to Tumblr. I stopped using it, less than a month after I made an account. I don’t think I remember my password now. I have friends who LOVE LOVE LOVE Tumblr, and are complete addicts, much like Reddit. But… I never really was. Which makes me wonder: will the same thing happen on Reddit? Will I do the exact same thing with Twitter or Instagram, or whatever social media platforms I’ve casually been not using, or even ignoring, for the past I-don’t-even-know-how-long?

I don’t know. All I do know is that right now, it feels… Weird.

4. I will probably never find the perfect cup of iced coffee.

Okay, I should probably explain this one, given that it’s the titular Random Thought, and all. I’ve been searching for the best possible cup of iced coffee for quite a while, ever since I figured out that some coffee is better hot, and others are better cold, and some are quite good when flavored while others are really kind of nasty. And I still haven’t found it.

Chik-fil-a’s vanilla iced coffee comes close. But then, so does Coffee Bianco’s iced latte. And, not gonna lie, I will go for some Starbucks most of the time, because hey, it’s convenient. But I still haven’t found anything that’s cheap, convenient, tastes good, and isn’t loaded with sugar. And I’m kind of giving up, here. I love hot coffee. Coffee Bianco does the best cup of it I’ve ever found, outside of my own house and coffee machine. But I can’t find a perfect cup of iced coffee. Which made me start thinking.

What is perfection? How do I even define it? I could go by the factors I listed above, but then I have to wonder, is it better when it’s enjoyed with other people? At a certain time of day? In certain weather? I don’t know. Perfection is subjective, especially when it comes to food. And that’s what makes me so certain that I am never going to find it, but it’s also what pushes me to keep looking. (and yeah. As much as I love coffee, in this case, it is in fact a metaphor). my iced coffee


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