I am BACK from my (very brief) blogging hiatus to let you all know… THERE IS A RELEASE DATE for Touchstones!

The book will be released officially as soon as the publisher sends me a new review copy, which should be in about a week. As soon as that happens, I will put up links here to where you can buy it.

Eee, I’m getting chills just being able to say that.

The book looks like this.


It’s been quite a journey, from the scribbles on the pages of a notebook, to the big fat Word document that sat on my computer for so long, all the way to the literal, physical, BOOK that I’ve been loath to let out of my sight.

I’m really excited.

I toted around the book for a couple of days, because I was so excited. And that wasn’t even the final version.

But this one will be.

I don’t know if I will be perfectly happy with it. I can pretty much always find something for my perfectionist brain to nitpick over.

But you know what?



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