Silver Linings (a poem)


There’s a saying that every cloud has a silver lining, but

I don’t know how true that is

Clouds are evaporated water that is heavier than the air

And so you see it hanging there

Know that it notices as it watches you stare and

Touch it and it is warm on your fingertips as you still feel the flame

That helped it to hover in the first place

But then it cools, though you should know by now that nothing is ever tame

Nothing goes how it is supposed to go,

You can’t predict what someone knows

There is no difference between allies and foes

Except for where they have been before.

You see, the allies

They come from a place of not knowing but hoping,

Ditching it all and eloping,

Fishing to catch nothing, never moping

Because what’s the point in feeling sorry for yourself?

The foes

They have taken the sorry and let it wallow

Found no pity to drink and could not swallow

Anything else except for anger, the new religion they follow

The cloud has no silver lining

But a cloud can rain into a river

Roll all the way out on raging winds to the sea

The universal sign of freedom

And terror

For who knows one without the other?

A cloud is not a mine, with streaks of metal running through

It is a birthplace

For the cold droplets that strike faces and lead little children

To go dance in the rain

And come back grinning, covered in mud

Hair soaked all the way through.

There is not much in the way of the grand

That has ever gone according to plan

A third of my favorite movie was improvised

Nothing ever fits perfectly sized

It’s just a fact of life that you’re going to have to realize

Sometimes you find a better reward when you take your eyes off of the prize

Stop staring at the clouds

With your gaze up there, you’ll trip

Instead, try looking to where they will be

The water that stretches out beyond where you can see

Past an equator, on open waters where there is a chance to be free

And then when you’re there

Look back up at the sky

Because if you’ve made it to the open waters, then you know

That you have to make some of it up on the fly

The silver lining isn’t made of silver, it’s made of open eyes

When you see the freedom above and in front of you

Looking past the clouds to where they will be and have been and you

Are the silver lining

For you are the one looking, you’re alive

And I at least am grateful for that.




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