The Book Now Has a Title!

I know I said that editing was actually the hardest part of writing a book. Well, I was wrong. As it turns out, finding a title is the most difficult step.

I thought that I could just write a book and be done with it.

I thought that my working title would be perfect, and that I would be able to sum up the story easily, meaningfully.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but clearly it was wrong.

I finished editing the book a couple of weeks ago. I finished writing almost five months ago. And I have been trying to find a good title for a little longer than that. I’ve been trying out new ones, sticking them at the top of the page, and discarding them. I tossed them out in casual conversation with my parents, blurted them out over the phone to my brother, and I scribbled them down constantly. And none of them were right. So yeah, it’s been a journey.

But now I have one!!!! (Drumroll please)

My book will be called Touchstones.

It will hopefully be released in late November, or in very early December. I’m not entirely sure which yet, but I am shooting for November. And I am really, really excited.

The next step is to get some comments back from my beta readers, and the step after that is to put in the dedication and the acknowledgements. While all of that is happening, I’ll be working on a cover design with my talented photographer of a father. And after that? It’ll be completely finished. In book form. With a real physical cover and pages and everything.

I’m very excited about this, and very grateful for a lot of really amazing people!

But back to the title. It turns out that summing up an entire novel in one or two words is not easy. I think I’ve always taken the titles of books for granted, but now I’m pretty sure that they are the most difficult part. I went through at least ten before finding something acceptable for the working title, and then I decided I didn’t like that, and it took me at least thirty more to find the one I have now.

And now that I have it? It feels very final. It feels like the book is really and truly out of my hands.

And I can’t wait to see what happens next, even if it’s nothing at all.


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