On Editing

Editing is actually really, really difficult.

I did not set out to write a book. I started with an idea, which then became a story, and then that became a longer story, and then I had free time over the holidays and it became a much, much longer story… You get the idea. I kept writing, and it still wasn’t done yet, and the plot was growing considerably more convoluted. So I wrote more. And then I had a document 400 pages long, just sitting on my computer.

400 pages is long.

It actually qualifies as (gasp) a book.

But now, it’s only 375 pages. I’ve been editing. A lot. My parents are both writers for a living, and my brother is a journalist who comes from a school where any factual error, be that conceptual or grammatical, is an automatic failure. They have become my editing staff.

Together, we’ve spent the past four months revising this conglomeration of words that I wrote. This has led to a lot of mediocre phraseology being cut out, and some conceptual reworking. There are whole pages of unnecessary insights into my main character’s thought process, there are countless markings of “don’t need this”, or of “this doesn’t make sense.”

But at its core, it’s a pretty good book. The trouble is GETTING TO THE CORE. I’ve been editing for almost four months, and I’m almost done. It’s completely different from the original story, and it’s better. And it has taken so much freaking work. I am ready to be done with this, but I have to see it through to the end.

Fortunately, it will be done by this November, and hopefully available to the public then as well.

Now, I’m going to go edit some more.


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