TNK hosts discussion at Lovett

I wrote this blog post about a group I’m involved in called Think North Korea. We are a group raising awareness about the human rights crisis in North Korea, where everything is controlled by a regime, and where there are prison camps potentially worse than those of the Holocaust– Entire generations are held there, never seeing the outside. It’s almost impossible to escape from these dire situations. ALMOST. Think North Korea is working to help, and here are my thoughts on that.

Think North Korea

DSC01490 From left to right: Michael, Pranav, and Maxxe

Hello! My name is Maxxe. I presented with Think North Korea (affiliated with the larger group, Liberty in North Korea) at the Lovett School on Monday. The experience was eye opening, to say the least.

I got interested in TNK when they presented for our school. I happened to be one of few in the audience who had a clue about the human rights crisis in North Korea, thanks to being a news addict and having a brother majoring in journalism.

I learned to look between the lines of what I was being told and to dig deeper than the big headlines that talk about war and military tensions. Don’t get me wrong, those headlines are a big deal. But I never found them to be a big deal as the human rights problems that I found out about when I looked…

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