Spring Break is the Thursday of the School Year


Spring break is the “Thursday” of the year. Just as Thursday makes the weekend feel so close that it feels like all of the planned activities are just within grasp, and all of the late nights with books or movies or friends are almost there, so too does spring break make summer feel tantalizingly close, with sea breezes and warm days, and no school the next day for a whole two months… I’m spending my spring break at the beach. Yesterday, I walked past college girls sunbathing in bikinis on the bridge while reading their course books. Today, it was bitingly windy and I spent half the day working on a novel indoors.

On Thursday, it feels like school will be over for two whole days. Believe me, I’ve been there, wanting it to be the weekend prematurely. But on Thursday morning, there are still two full days of class or work to get through before leaving for the weekend. Spring break does the exact same thing. I love spring break, don’t get me wrong. But the semi-warm weather and the days of sunshine—or just of pollen—trick us into thinking that the school year is almost over. Prom happened last week. We are thinking about exams, since we’re almost exactly halfway through the second semester. I spent half of my break working on summer program applications.

But we’re not there yet.

I’m going to leave the beach tomorrow, study for a math test my whole way home, and a physics test for the whole weekend. I’m judging a debate tournament for middle schoolers that I didn’t know was happening until a week ago. Exams still need to happen two months from now, and I need to bring up my grade in more than one class. Track season is far from over. Just like the two whole days left in the week on Thursday morning, I have two whole months left in the school year.

I know the time is a gift. It’s a chance to end the year on a perfect note, to bring everything back up to par, to exceed my own expectations. I have time to write a novel. I have time to improve athletically. I have time to do everything I have left to do. I have a final, two-month-long chance to make this year the best dang year I have ever had.

But it’s also exhausting. I get about seven hours of sleep per night during a normal school week. I’ve gotten nine or ten every night here. I’ve gone for runs barefoot on the beach. I have snuggled up to an adorable furry goat who wanted nothing more than to crawl into my lap and say hello. I have sat in the sunshine with a book, just soaking up the bliss. I’m going to miss that, and I can’t wait to have it back.


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