“Without libraries, what have we? We have no past and no future.” — Ray Bradbury



 This quote doesn’t just speak to me because I love Bradbury irrationally and only slightly conditionally (I rely rather strongly on his ability to give me glorious chains of words that string together and create stories in which I quickly grow immersed). I truly do believe that this quote speaks the truth.


If we, as the people with the power to, if not create the books, at least categorize them, leave them all behind, then we lose all record of where we have been. If we lose where we have been, then how will we have any idea of where to go?


This is particularly pertinent in a world where everything is accessible through the interweb. People simply do not visit physical libraries. I find myself gravitating towards Wikipedia and e-readers, and in those actions, I am distancing myself from the books that gave me the motivation to read and seek knowledge in the first place.

If we all distance ourselves so much from our roots, depicted in ink and paper as they may be, then where will we go?


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