A Letter to the Stars


We call you diamonds hanging in the sky. We claim your sky is a velvet background, like it’s only there to make you shine. We say, repeatedly in every science course, that you are nothing but hot gas, burning up in a glorious flame that lights the galaxy.

Some poems imagine you to be made up of life itself. Some say that you are cold and harsh, others that you are a cozy fireside in space.

if i could speak to you and receive an answer, all i wish that i could ask is… What do stars think, when they look upon earthly matters? What do stars believe of all of the tiny creatures that can only look up to the sky? What do we even appear to be, from so far away, such power and science and immobility on the part of a star?

Do you even see us at all?

If this reaches you, is visible in your light, is caught upon the velvet backdrop. Even if it burns in your fire. These are the questions i ask of you, and i can only wonder what you might ask of me.


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